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A Tour Around My Dorm Room

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For everyone who wants to see what my dorm room looks like, here it is. Continue Reading »

Back Country Living Skills

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Day 1 Sun. Aug 24, 08

The adventure begins today. I was so anxious and pumped that I woke up an hour before my alarm went off. Finally at 7am I got up and had a hoagie for breakfast. I got ready for the trek and then began my hike on the incline up to the COAS building. Most of the members from my group were already there going over what we expect the rest of the week to be like. Once inside we met with our instructors and checked the food list. The majority of the food we repackaged in order to cut down on trash and weight. We then went outside and formed a semi circle behind the trailers with our packs. Garrett went through the personal gear checklist and made sure we had what we needed. I brought a few extra items which Garrett helped me sort through and I ended up running a pile of clothes back to my car. When he was sorting through everyone else’s pack I started laying all of the food out in the middle of the circle. After everyone was done with their personal gear we divided up the group gear into 8 piles. Everyone took a pile and packed the gear into their packs. I ended up taking some empty water bags, a filter and then some food. After all of the packs were packed and weighed we all headed inside for lunch and use of the, soon to be sacred, flush toilets and clean running water. Right before we all headed out we had a meeting with everyone to make sure that no one was left stranded in the bathroom. Our group all filed into a 15 passenger van and off we went. On the ride I listened in on Andy and Garrett’s conversation of their summer. I learned a great deal about what the future may hold for me. We dropped the first group off on the side of the road and I looked around knowing that this was going to be our concluding destination on Thursday. Next, our group got dropped off and quickly had to grab our bags. The next thing I knew the trailer was up the road. The trip has begun. Before we took another step we popped down the tailgate of the only truck in the trail head parking lot and looked at the map. The trail started out extremely stony. Then the trail was littered with bigger and bigger rocks. Our first break was after a short steep hill. There was a nice view off of the trail a bit, on a boulder field. Garrett and Sam talked a little bit about risk management and how it was going to be an important aspect of the trip. The pace was set well by Reed. Next thing we knew Garrett had wandered off onto a small intersecting trail and told the rest of us to follow. This established campsite off the main trial was going to be where our first night was going to be spent. We dropped our packs by the fire circle and emptied the group gear. Our first task was to find a good location for setting up the tarps. After picking a good place for two tarps we went back down to the fire circle and grabbed our packs and the tarps. We set them up with no problem. The next lesson was the most disgusting and the most important, the cat hole. After going over the cat hole we went and threw the bear bag line. I have set many of these up in my past when I went to Philmont but they had cables already set up. On my second try throwing up the rope I got it over the branch. We then moved onto water filtration. There was a small stream next to the fire circle where we all had a go at pumping water. When the water bags were full we had time to relax and talk to each other. At around five we started dinner. Josh set up one of the stoves while I nervously watched. Unlike most people my age I am not a fan of fire. I took over in lighting the stove which was a first time experience for me. It took me a few times just to light the lighter but I got the hang of it. Dinner for the night was spaghetti. Though I am used to little clean up, everyone pitched in and cleanup did not take too long. When everything was cleaned up we brushed our teeth making sure to broadcast everything. Next on the agenda was to hang the smellables. We hoisted up the bear bag line and then chilled until it got too chilly. That night we went over what you should do if a bear was to come and attack you. Continue Reading »