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Sram X-0

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Ever since I bought my 07 Trek Top Fuel 8 the rear derailleur has been a problem.  It came with a Sram x-0.  On the second month of riding a stick got caught up into the cage and twisted up into the spokes and rotor.  To replace this I ordered a parts package and rebuilt the derailleur.  A while went by and next thing I knew as I was pedaling along the chain got jammed up.  The derailleur was up twisted up again.  To replace this I warranted the derailleur and received the new carbon x-0.  This past November the derailleur broke again.  Instead of spending for the x-0, I decided to downgrade to the x-9.  I also switched to a medium cage instead of a long cage.  Each time that the derailleur breaks on me I also have to replace the chain, hanger, shifter cable, and a piece of housing.  Here are some pics of the wreckage.

Random Pics Taken before Turkey Day

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