I’m sorry it has taken forever.  Here are some pictures from Seneca Rocks, Coopers Rocks, my packed car (a few days after the picture was taken 2 bikes were added to the back), Deep Creek Lake, Wisp, back to Seneca, and then finishing up with Akron’s climbing wall.

The last few months have been very hectic. After Easter weekend I started with classes 7 days a week.  Monday was Math, Tuesday was Mt. Biking all day, Wednesday was Math and then work at the Rental Center in the afternoon, Thursday was Mt. Biking, Friday/Saturday/Sunday was Climbing

After finals week the dorms closed. This did not mean that I was going home to relax and start the summer.  I stayed out in Garrett County for another week, then down to Seneca Rocks for 4 days, then went to Ohio for 3 days, back to Garrett County for a night, and then I drove home.

Why did I stay?  Well I had a 3 things on my calendar.  I had one exam the following Monday and Tuesday. (5/11-12/09)  This exam was the Maryland Top Rope Site Manager Certification Exam consisting of a written test, skills test, and a day of managing a group. (I passed every part of the exam.) The Venture Crew planned to be out at Seneca Rocks to do the via ferrata at Nelson Rocks on the weekend of the 15th-17th. (Pictures of this can be found here) Since that is only about 1.5 hrs from school I decided to stay around rather than driving home and then back out there.  I went down to Seneca Rocks Thursday the 14th.  Nelson Rocks was a lot less scary the second time. (Plus, I had the experience of Seneca in between my first time to Nelson and my second)

After relaxing with the crew over the weekend the original plan was to drive home with the family and Crew.  This changed when Andy offered the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor course and exam. I decided that it was a good certification to have because it would help me gain knowledge to teach the Climbing Merit Badge for the Scouts.  The American Mountain Guide Association’s Climbing Wall Instructor course and exam was held at The University of Akron. (5/18-20/09)  Andy met me at ASI Monday morning the 18th and we drove up to Akron. There we met Giana who was also taking the class with Andy and I.  It was odd having Andy in the class with me instead of teaching the class.  (Even though he still knew more and everything was more natural for him)  Wednesday evening the class ended and I found out that I passed, which was really good because there were times during the class which were challenging.  That night Andy and I drove back to Maryland.  I stayed the night and then drove home Thursday.

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