Woke up to the sun shining in and making the car very hot inside – it was only 8am. Hung out at the CAOS building for breakfast and found a pair of pants to use my $30 credit on from ASI orientation back in the fall of 2008. I then drove down to Wally to get my hair cut and buy some groceries (cereal and bananas) Then headed north to Lowe’s to find reflective tape (required gear for the race to put on helmets) They did not have much of a selection but it will do. Arrived back at CAOS a little after noon and did a little jog over to the school where I used the computers in the library and then ran back over to CAOS. I hung out and relaxed at CAOS – rode some bikes around, got the lights ready, and threw some seat bags on all of the bikes. I then just hung out, showered , and killed time trying to chillax.

At 5pm or so Mike L. came in asking me to label/number a few riverboards and swim fins.  http://www.carlsonriverboard.com/  They are going to be going up to ASCI for the summer and this weekend they are having a demo from a rider who is sponsored by Carlson.

While working on that Andy and family came by to rent some stuff for a weekend of camping – and Scott and CC came back from a facilitator training at WVU/Coopers.

Now I am packing and getting supplies ready for this weekend.  Next post will most likely come on Tuesday or so – I hope that all goes well.  You should be able to follow us on: www.checkpointtracker.com

I will be heading down to the New River Gorge on Friday afternoon and we will get back sometime Sunday afternoon.

I am planning to do some climbing out here that week and then come home Thursday or Friday and then head to the OA weekend.