Got up, had breakfast in the faculty lot and killed some time in the library.  Some lady (I think she works in the Business office) she was yelling in the parking lot about some one’s truck that was backed in covering the curb.  She made everyone that was coming to work know that she was angry and was going to find out whose truck it was.  She really did not want to get her feet wet by walking on the grass … and then I heard her say something about if she was going that way.  So she was not even on the sidewalk to really have to change her path.  THE SIDEWALK IS TO WALK ON. – She got her anger out.   Anyway.. I was trying to keep from laughing.

I went on a slow run around DCL SP with Erin. We probably only did 4 miles or less but it was good just to do a slow run. I then got to the rental center – got a shower and worked on the bikes for a little bit.

Steve and I drove up to Fork Run to meet up with Adam to do some climbing. Before starting the hike over to the Boulders I had to dig out my climbing duffel bag from the bottom of my car. (It felt good to use stuff from deep in the car’s luggage) When we got there Adam was there along with Lee and Andrea and they had a few climbs set up at the Boulders – good warm ups to start with.  After climbing those we went over to the Ledges and I set up 4 climbs with my 2 ropes and then Adam came over and set up one more.  Steve, Adam and I had a good time climbing at the Ledges and we were all spent by the time we finished – well idk about Steve.

After packing up and loading stuff into the car I found my running shoes and socks on the top of my car – I guess they spent some extra time airing out on the drive from CAOS to Fork Run.

I showed the picture of the geocache site to Steve and we drove over to Swallow Falls.  We hiked down river right and tried to find the rocks that were in the picture – no luck – but.. we looked across the river and saw some bigger rocks that looked like it could be it.  So.. we hiked around and down to where we thought it might be.  I then had to traverse along the river’s edge to a rock which was at water level.  From there I looked in front of me and found the same rocks as in the picture – perfect match.  Steve and I saw the crack that anything could be hiding in and went for it.  it was probably 7-8 feet up so we had to do some climbing up with wet shoes to get up to it.  Pictures will follow.

After signing the log and taking more pics we headed back out.  On our way back out we stayed along the water and climbed up right next to the falls on a very vegetated scramble.

We headed back to the school for the night and some food. After eating some we decided to go to the CIRCUS!!  We walked over to the fairgrounds and walked over to the circus and we saw a camel ride, elephant ride, and a pony carousel (poor animals)  But when we got there everything was getting taken down and last call for rides were being shouted.  A one day Circus.. wow  – what will Garrett County come up with next???

We headed back and hopped in the vehicles to sleep.