Woke up in the morning with the sun beating into the car. Matt and I hung out in the CAOS parking lot until he decided to head off to Seneca. I told him that I was going to head down Tuesday morning and spend 2 days with him down there.  After he left I drove down to Oakland and hung out with Lisa and met her friends from home which were up for the memorial day weekend. When I drove by the lake I was taken back by all of the activity on and around the lake. It must have been a holiday. From Oakland I drove over to Herrington Manor SP and met up with Jeremy S. and Jane R. They were loving it working for the park and we chatted for some time.  Steve K. got in town and I drove back to CAOS to meet up with him and then he hopped in my car to drive over to Coopers.  I warned him that I was going to be slurring my speech and not talking right all day because of my weekend. We hiked around and I showed him all of the climbing areas at Coopers and then we set up one TR over at the big wall by the furnace side. We could feel a storm rolling in so we quickly packed up and we drove to Morgantown to do some sight seeing. After that we drove back to CAOS where we ate some food and then hung out in the hallway of CAOS while a storm passed by.

Tuesday I was planning on waking up – doing a nice short easy jog – and then cleaning up in CAOS – and then going to Seneca. Day instead went like this:  Woke up really late – called up Erin and we scheduled a run at 10am. I talked to Mike L. about the race and then went over to Erin’s to run but she was doing some cleaning / organizing before we could leave so we ended up leaving closer to 11am.  We jogged down to HMS and then back – didn’t walk too much.  I felt really good the whole time. I got back to CAOs and no one was there. I waited for Scott R. to show up and then I got a shower and checked my email. Matt left me a message telling me that he was not feeling good and decided to head home.  I then had to figure out what I was going to do. At 4ish i decided to head home so I ran around the rental center grabbing my bikes and a bunch of other random stuff which was around. I went down to Laker Hall and said a final good bye to Kate and Kailee. Finally I  did a final sweep and said  goodbye to Scott R. and Steve K. and headed over to BP for some air in my tire and some gas and drove home.

The drive was good – no cops – no big rain storms. I got home and unpacked my car and relaxed.