All day Wednesday I spent organizing my room and figuring out where stuff belongs. I did do a good run around Immaculata with the Herrings. Watched the Flyers win. Then on Thursday I went on a run around Ryers Hunt and then a little trail run back the power lines onto Dunwoody and back through Weston. I drove over to Bike Line to catch up with a few things and then drove back home and did some more relaxing – hung out with the Venture Crew that night and did some city driving around dub c.

Friday I have been writing this all day long – it is up here and here are a few links for everyone to check out about the race which Matt, Scott and I did.

The results  from the race:

A blog from the winning team : Trakkers –

Event website:

Checkpoint Tracker website:

Some pictures:

Some more pictures and some of the same:

Tonight I am heading down to Shoe for the day Saturday (OA weekend) and then I have a family reunion on Sunday.

The next week I plan to do some climbing at Ralph Stover SP and get back on my bikes – I think my ass has had enough recovery time.

June 19th I head down to camp for the summer.  I get one day off a week and I am trying to do a bunch of mountain bike and trail run races on those days off to keep motivated to stay in shape.

I will try to keep up with this on more of a weekly basis from here on out.