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Thurs, Fri, Sat

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Today I reported in at 8:30am. The mission for today was to get the yellow house turned into a rental house and the hut turned into the office. NROC’s office should have been done a few weeks ago, but with construction you just never know.  (Today they were working on the roof of the new office.) The hut, from this weekend, until the new office is complete, will be the office, gear shack, and headquarters for the whole NROC operation.  We all worked together moving gear up to the hut, cleaning the hut and yellow house, and moving unwanted stuff from the hut to the yellow house. We then went in the basement of the yellow house and took apart a solid wood bunk bed. After it was apart we brought it up to the room where the old office was and assembled the bunk bed there. The rest of the day I did some more cleaning around the house.

Beau and I drove over to the shop which Louise Bowers owns to try to find out about her rental trailer. We had no luck finding her, but we got her phone number and when we returned to Nelson we left her a message.  Beau left for some climbing and I connected to the outside world. On the drive back to the trailer I took my time and drove around Circleville and route 28 past Snowy Mountain roads. Before heading back I stopped by D&K grocery store. I looked around and bought a frozen pizza to cook up for dinner.  It was probably bought at Wal-Mart just like the Great Value brands which were being sold in the store.  I checked out the oven in the trailer and cooked it up.  When Beau and Justin came home they were jealous. (I gave them a few last bites.) Currently there is a thunderstorm lighting up the land.



Today is training day on the North Fork Canopy Tour. Training is pretty vague around here. I have been down the zip once before and learned a good deal from Beau. On this day we had many more people and everyone was bouncing ideas back and forth trying to come up with a perfect way to handle everything. Throughout the zip lines I worked on communication between the other guide and clipping in and unclipping others. Once back on the ground we met up with Gaten. He sat us all down and went over the projects for the summer and the status of NROC. We all talked and brainstormed on how operations could be run as smooth as possible.

I hung out at the hut for a few hours. I talked to Kellee about possibilities for a project. We discussed how the Canopy Tour has no emergency action plan and how it would be a good thing for me to work on. Justin and Adam came back and we talked about how to avoid any accidents on the Canopy Tour.  I then finalized with Kellee on where and what I will be doing at Horizons tomorrow.

For the rest of the day Beau and I tracked down Louise. She is our new landlord. Finally we were able to contact him and we met her at her Maxwell Mart. There she drove us over to view the trailer which is for rent. Beau and I liked it but wanted to make sure Matt B. was in too. We drove back to the trailer after some long talks with Louise and took some pictures of the trailer to send to Matt. Then we drove to Seneca (around the corner) to call Matt and make sure he is in with us. After he said yes we headed back to find Louise to tell her. She didn’t say much to us besides that she will keep it for us and for us to contact her next week. Beau and I then did some sightseeing on the way back to Judy Gap.  For dinner at 10pm we made some Mexican mash potatoes, and Mexican flavored fish.



Today I woke up at 6ish to get on the road before 7am. I had to drive to Riverton, WV to get gas before heading up over a few mountains to get to Harrisonburg, VA. Once I found Horizons I waited around for a little bit until I met Gary and Wayne. Wayne is the head of the Outdoor Learning Center which is based here at Horizons. NROC is also managed by Wayne. Gary and I will be leading the mountain bike program for the Girl Scouts. In the morning we checked over all of the bikes, inflating all of the tires and running through the gears. Then we rode around on some of the dirt / gravel roads around the camp. I tried to understand the Paint generated map, but it was pretty poorly done. The trails were also pretty overgrown.  We tried to find some single-track trails but could only find a really short one. We had a nice lunch with the Girl Scouts. I had a huge salad, and it was amazing. (Oh, and also grilled cheese and a chocolate chip cookie) After lunch we headed back to exploring some trails until 1pm. From 1-2pm we packed our bags and were ready for the girls to arrive. When they started to arrive we did some intros and I led an instructional bike overview. I went over parts of the bike, braking, shifting, body positioning, trail etiquette, trail hazards, and then we sized the girls for a bike. Once everyone had a bike we told them to ride around in the parking lot of the center. Once we were confident everyone had some skills we headed up the hill. At least half of the girls struggled up the slight hill. I stayed in the back instructing the girls on how to get started again, and how they need to keep pedaling and keep your eyes on the clear section of trail. The ride sped up a little on the flatter section. Many of the girls were very uncomfortable on the bike. Gary led the ride and stopped periodically as I brought up the rear trying to teach those in the back. We rode safe and sound back at the adventure center, and everyone was beat. After all of the bikes were back in the center Gary and I had some time to hang out before dinner. Before dinner I talked to Wayne some more talking about the whole Endless Horizons operation. It was good to know what else is tied into this whole operation. After dinner I walked around a little and spent some time on the laptop writing this up.


Summer 2011 PICTURES

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The Adventure Begins

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The journey begins as I pack my car and finalize what I think I will need. I was planning on being on 79 heading south before 9pm, but I did not even leave UVSR until 9:18am. I used my fuel perks at GetGo and saved 10 cents to top off my car at $3.89. It was then onto West Virginia.

The drive was good, very good weather, almost too good to be driving weather.  Gas prices rose as I headed south. I topped off in Elkins for $4.14 (I should have waited until I arrived at Seneca as the price here is 3.89).  I stopped at NROC to tell them I was here. I was told to enjoy the weather and settle in, but it will not be until Wednesday morning when I start working. Next step involved finding my home.

I found the hidden driveway with ease and turned in. The adventure began just driving up the driveway as the car slid and eventually crawled its way up. I knocked on the door (knowing that no one was home) and then walked in. I explored the trailer and the surrounding land of what I will be calling home for the next few months. After familiarizing myself with the place (but I still had no idea who was staying where, what the rules were of the place, etc) I moved some of my stuff into a corner in the kitchen and some of the bigger stuff I left out back. I swapped the tires on my red bike for some road slicks and rode around on Snowy Mt Road. It was around 4ish when I hopped in my car and drove to try to find Beau.

I drove past NROC and then through the valley to Seneca.  I had no idea what type of car to look for or when he would be where.  I drove around Yokum’s campground and met up with Tom and Molly. Tom introduced me to Matty, Apple, and a few others who were building a very long slack line. I watched them as they tried different methods of tightening the line with the Ford Escape. They eventually got it tight after the z drag and 4 wheel drive.

It was then back on the road to the trailer to see if Beau had returned. I drove up the driveway and still no one was home. I did another little ride of the bike on Snowy Mountain Road. At 9ish I drove back to NROC to see if Beau was there looking for me. Once I turned around in front of the yellow house a truck drove up and it was Beau and Justin. I followed them back to the trailer where they told me all about their long day at Seneca.  Justin then informed me about the trailer and how he needs to have some rules and regs written up.

Beau and Justin helped me set up the old Keyes family tent in the back. Justin, who just learned what an iphone was, doubted the durability of the canvas cabin tent. I spent some time reinforcing the tent with some nylon cord and duck tape, before crashing on the floor of an empty bedroom.