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Tuesday, and First day on the Home Front

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Tues 5/10/11

Beau and Justin left to climb at Nelson and I did some housekeeping organizing of my own stuff in the trailer. I finished up reinforcing the tent and moved most of my gear inside there. It should be a lot better after my cot arrives.  Then I ate a bowl of oats and raisin bran for breakfast. I organized more of my stuff and took some pictures of my tent. I then took to the road on my red bike toward NROC. Thirty minutes later I was at NROC looking for some internet access. Finding no one which new the password, I headed down the road to Seneca. About 11.5 miles and 45 minutes later I arrived to reconnect to the outside world. I hung out at Seneca for a while, checking email and talking to whoever came by. Then I introduced Nicole to Seneca. We hiked up the East Face trail, aka cardiac hill, and then took a break to enjoy the view from the north summit. On the descent we walked down the closed tourist trail. The trail was very washed out, full of rocks, and the steps were removed – making for a difficult scramble down.  After the hike we went to the Gendarme to see if it was still open. I wanted to try on some 5.10 shoes and Nicole wanted to buy a locking carabineer.  Massey was there to let us in. After some of his great guacamole dip and some chips he offered to drive me back to the trailer. I was not going to turn down a ride when I knew I had about 20 miles to ride, and some clouds were rolling into the valley. It was certainly a puzzle trying to get my bike into his car, but eventually made it work after taking both wheels off and lowering the seat all of the way. Once back in the trailer I made myself a peanut butter and jelly for dinner.

Wed 5/11/11

This morning the alarm went off at 7 and my first day of work was about to begin. I arrived at 8:30 willing to do whatever I was told to do. The first thing that Kellee asked me was, “Can you drive a tractor?” I then asked if it was manual or automatic and she mentioned clutch and I then told her that I am willing to learn. Jim then taught me what I needed to know and we did a practice session driving the trailer up to the top of the canopy tour and then back down. All went well and Jim told me that I was just as good as he is.

Kellee sent me up to work with Jim with doing some constructing up at the hut. We had to carefully remove everything from the walls and then add some hooks for the canopy tour equipment to be hung from. Jim then had to get ready for an 11am tour.

Once back at the yellow house Kellee had Beau go up and give Nicole and me a run through of the Canopy Tour. For time sake, and for ease, I drove my car up the hill and we started. Beau covered how to set up the trolley on the cables and where the lanyards go while zipping.  We took our time on the Judy zips and then flew through the Nelson zips. Beau had to be back at the yellow house at 1 to get ready for a tour so he was a little rushed. Once we were back Nicole had to drive me up to the cabins so that I could retrieve my car.

At 2pm there was a big group of Habitat for Humanity workers which came over from Franklin, WV. The 24 of them filled both the canopy tour along with the Via Ferrata. A maximum for the canopy tour is 10 participants and 2 guides and the maximum for the Via is 14 participants to 2 guides. I watched as Kimmy and Adam led the canopy tour. After they had their equipment on they loaded into the golf cart trailer attached to the tractor and I hopped into the driver’s seat. The driving went well until the left hand turn up the hill. I was trying not to make it too jerky for the riders in the back and I took it too slow going up and stalled the tractor. The tractor shut off and started to roll back a bit until I slammed on the breaks. Justin was there and he helped me keep my cool as I started it up again and put it in low gear, instead of medium. I gave it full throttle and we chugged our way up the hill, almost at walking pace. After that, I know that there is more to learn when it comes to pulling a large group up a steep hill.

At the top I listened in on their briefing before the practice zip. Once Adam zipped on down I headed back to the tractor and drove down to the midway station. I was given by Kellee 3 Master keys to find one which would unlock the ladder to the 1st sky bridge.  Thankfully 2 of the keys that I had worked for that lock and I didn’t have to rush down and then back up to try to find a key to unlock it before the group arrived.

I parked the tractor out front and had enough adventures on that for the day. Kellee sent me over to the post office to mail some gloves back to Liberty Mountain. The post office in Circleville made me think that I was living a few decades ago.

At 4pm Kellee had a conference call with the accounting lady and a man from the software program company. It was good to get a little insight of the program which they use for accounting and reservations for the tours.  When the canopy tour came back I helped them organize and put the gear back on the living room floor.

I made a quick run over to Seneca to try to find some information on a trailer over there but had no luck in finding the woman who I needed to talk to.

After I came back to NROC, I helped organize the Via Ferrata gear when that group came back. Everyone was heading off at that point. Beau and I talked about some bikes as we installed his new front tire. We then spent some time connecting with the outside world and then he rode with me back as we left his bike and my red bike in the yellow house garage. (Beau rode my red bike in today)


The Journey Begins at SRU

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This summer I worked at HSR and that sums up everything from the last post.  Before camp began and during some of my days off I did some climbing at Ralph Stover an then at Birdsboro.

I also set my new record for road bike distance with 143 miles in one day.  (Records are meant to be broke.)

This weekend I moved to Slippery Rock, PA.  I am staying at The Ivy, which is said to be “Slippery Rock`s premier off-campus student housing option.”   I just took and uploaded some pictures for everyone to see what the room looks like.


Picture 1 of 15

Wed – Fri June 2-4

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All day Wednesday I spent organizing my room and figuring out where stuff belongs. I did do a good run around Immaculata with the Herrings. Watched the Flyers win. Then on Thursday I went on a run around Ryers Hunt and then a little trail run back the power lines onto Dunwoody and back through Weston. I drove over to Bike Line to catch up with a few things and then drove back home and did some more relaxing – hung out with the Venture Crew that night and did some city driving around dub c.

Friday I have been writing this all day long – it is up here and here are a few links for everyone to check out about the race which Matt, Scott and I did.

The results  from the race:   http://www.oarevents.com/documents/CPsheetWW2010FORWEB-1.xls

A blog from the winning team : Trakkers – http://trakkersgps.com/blog/triathlon-sport-blog/wild-and-wonderful-2010-race-report/

Event website: http://www.oarevents.com/events/2010/Wild_Wonderful_2010.shtml

Checkpoint Tracker website: http://www.checkpointtracker.com/events/15

Some pictures:   http://terrizziphoto.com/blog/2010/06/03/wild-and-wonderful/

Some more pictures and some of the same: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37522053@N07/

Tonight I am heading down to Shoe for the day Saturday (OA weekend) and then I have a family reunion on Sunday.

The next week I plan to do some climbing at Ralph Stover SP and get back on my bikes – I think my ass has had enough recovery time.

June 19th I head down to camp for the summer.  I get one day off a week and I am trying to do a bunch of mountain bike and trail run races on those days off to keep motivated to stay in shape.

I will try to keep up with this on more of a weekly basis from here on out.

Mon May 31 & Tues June 1

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Woke up in the morning with the sun beating into the car. Matt and I hung out in the CAOS parking lot until he decided to head off to Seneca. I told him that I was going to head down Tuesday morning and spend 2 days with him down there.  After he left I drove down to Oakland and hung out with Lisa and met her friends from home which were up for the memorial day weekend. When I drove by the lake I was taken back by all of the activity on and around the lake. It must have been a holiday. From Oakland I drove over to Herrington Manor SP and met up with Jeremy S. and Jane R. They were loving it working for the park and we chatted for some time.  Steve K. got in town and I drove back to CAOS to meet up with him and then he hopped in my car to drive over to Coopers.  I warned him that I was going to be slurring my speech and not talking right all day because of my weekend. We hiked around and I showed him all of the climbing areas at Coopers and then we set up one TR over at the big wall by the furnace side. We could feel a storm rolling in so we quickly packed up and we drove to Morgantown to do some sight seeing. After that we drove back to CAOS where we ate some food and then hung out in the hallway of CAOS while a storm passed by.

Tuesday I was planning on waking up – doing a nice short easy jog – and then cleaning up in CAOS – and then going to Seneca. Day instead went like this:  Woke up really late – called up Erin and we scheduled a run at 10am. I talked to Mike L. about the race and then went over to Erin’s to run but she was doing some cleaning / organizing before we could leave so we ended up leaving closer to 11am.  We jogged down to HMS and then back – didn’t walk too much.  I felt really good the whole time. I got back to CAOs and no one was there. I waited for Scott R. to show up and then I got a shower and checked my email. Matt left me a message telling me that he was not feeling good and decided to head home.  I then had to figure out what I was going to do. At 4ish i decided to head home so I ran around the rental center grabbing my bikes and a bunch of other random stuff which was around. I went down to Laker Hall and said a final good bye to Kate and Kailee. Finally I  did a final sweep and said  goodbye to Scott R. and Steve K. and headed over to BP for some air in my tire and some gas and drove home.

The drive was good – no cops – no big rain storms. I got home and unpacked my car and relaxed.

We Are Not Joggers

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I enjoy running. I am definitely not the fastest runner out there or as dedicated as others are to the sport. Some might say that running should not even be considered a sport but a lifestyle. I would agree with these people and so does Pearl Izumi. According to the book “We Are Not Joggers” by Pearl Izumi http://www.wearenotjoggers.com/book.html running is being domesticated and endangered. Many might not believe this, and I would have argued otherwise myself until I read this short book a few years ago on how those “runners” that you see out in the park on those sunny summer days are not runners at all. “We Are Not Joggers” arises the distinctions between jogging and running. I always thought that the difference was that joggers are going slower. Marathon racers move slower then 5K racers and we consider both of these groups of “runners”, runners. So what is the distinction between the two? “The truth is, the line between running and jogging is different for every person. And every person knows just where it is for them. It’s all about feel.” This also may be a hard answer for most and “We Are Not Joggers” addresses this by simply stating, “If you’re not sure whether you are running or jogging, go faster.”
Now that that is out of the way I should tell you why I treat this like a holy document. First off, Pearl Izumi wrote this book and started their “We Are Not Joggers” website to try to spark their running shoe line and grab people’s attention. It was a harsh and straightforward marketing approach. That could be one reason that I like this so much. Someone who is being straightforward about what they say says a great deal to me. Another reason why I like this book is the fact that it brings running back to the roots of the act. True or not but I would agree with Pearl Izumi that running originated as a way to stay alive. The website has wallpapers for your desktop of your computer and for the last few years I have used one of their quotes as my desktop image. It reads, “If you ever want to see who the true runners are, take a peek outside during mother nature’s next hissyfit.” This quote is not in their book word for word, and I do believe they have updated the book in the last few months from its original text, but I love this quote. I can look at it everyday and it will motivate me to run in the craziest weather. I live my life from what comes from this book and website. Now do not think that I am crazy, I have not found any dead bodies yet but if that day comes I will not be surprised. Just like there are activist groups out there trying to save endangered animals this site is trying to save the domesticated act of running.
Running for me connects me to the natural environment. I have not encountered as many wild animals going on a hike as I have running. Encountering other species of animals out in the woods transforms the domesticated human, into the wild untamed side of humans. I hate it when humans count themselves out when talking about animals. I am no biologist but I do believe that I am an animal. I may be a domesticated animal but that still does count as being an animal, right? Today’s society makes me cringe when it views itself outside of the animal realm.
The view of Pearl Izumi’s marketing team is out there, but right up my ally. I hope that others reading this can understand what their message is and adapt it to themselves. Everyone reading this should get a different view from it. Hopefully readers of this book will come to the understanding of where our society is today and how far it has come since the Neolithic era. Sitting behind a computer or in a building for some of us is life, and others it is torture. This is also similar to how runners view running. Runners view it as a way to get back to their roots with nature, as other athletes view running as torture for their sport. So when it is a sunny summer day and you decide to go outside and move those feet of yours, just remember, “Run like an animal.”

Pictures From the Spring

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I’m sorry it has taken forever.  Here are some pictures from Seneca Rocks, Coopers Rocks, my packed car (a few days after the picture was taken 2 bikes were added to the back), Deep Creek Lake, Wisp, back to Seneca, and then finishing up with Akron’s climbing wall.

The last few months have been very hectic. After Easter weekend I started with classes 7 days a week.  Monday was Math, Tuesday was Mt. Biking all day, Wednesday was Math and then work at the Rental Center in the afternoon, Thursday was Mt. Biking, Friday/Saturday/Sunday was Climbing

After finals week the dorms closed. This did not mean that I was going home to relax and start the summer.  I stayed out in Garrett County for another week, then down to Seneca Rocks for 4 days, then went to Ohio for 3 days, back to Garrett County for a night, and then I drove home.

Why did I stay?  Well I had a 3 things on my calendar.  I had one exam the following Monday and Tuesday. (5/11-12/09)  This exam was the Maryland Top Rope Site Manager Certification Exam consisting of a written test, skills test, and a day of managing a group. (I passed every part of the exam.) The Venture Crew planned to be out at Seneca Rocks to do the via ferrata at Nelson Rocks on the weekend of the 15th-17th. (Pictures of this can be found here) Since that is only about 1.5 hrs from school I decided to stay around rather than driving home and then back out there.  I went down to Seneca Rocks Thursday the 14th.  Nelson Rocks was a lot less scary the second time. (Plus, I had the experience of Seneca in between my first time to Nelson and my second)

After relaxing with the crew over the weekend the original plan was to drive home with the family and Crew.  This changed when Andy offered the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor course and exam. I decided that it was a good certification to have because it would help me gain knowledge to teach the Climbing Merit Badge for the Scouts.  The American Mountain Guide Association’s Climbing Wall Instructor course and exam was held at The University of Akron. (5/18-20/09)  Andy met me at ASI Monday morning the 18th and we drove up to Akron. There we met Giana who was also taking the class with Andy and I.  It was odd having Andy in the class with me instead of teaching the class.  (Even though he still knew more and everything was more natural for him)  Wednesday evening the class ended and I found out that I passed, which was really good because there were times during the class which were challenging.  That night Andy and I drove back to Maryland.  I stayed the night and then drove home Thursday.

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Sram X-0

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Ever since I bought my 07 Trek Top Fuel 8 the rear derailleur has been a problem.  It came with a Sram x-0.  On the second month of riding a stick got caught up into the cage and twisted up into the spokes and rotor.  To replace this I ordered a parts package and rebuilt the derailleur.  A while went by and next thing I knew as I was pedaling along the chain got jammed up.  The derailleur was up twisted up again.  To replace this I warranted the derailleur and received the new carbon x-0.  This past November the derailleur broke again.  Instead of spending for the x-0, I decided to downgrade to the x-9.  I also switched to a medium cage instead of a long cage.  Each time that the derailleur breaks on me I also have to replace the chain, hanger, shifter cable, and a piece of housing.  Here are some pics of the wreckage.

A Tour Around My Dorm Room

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