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Feb 5-6, 2010 Flurries

Posted by on 06 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Winter-like

So I heard that there was some big storm which came through.  Yea so I guess there was.  Spent all last night looking at my yard stick which is outside the common area window and then today we built a nice ski/snowboard jump.  Then I pondered the question…

What could be better then skiing on a jump that I helped make?

How about skiing it with BC XC skies.  Or doing a 180 first try with my new twin tips.  OR getting in and relaxing, eating a bagel with peanut butter, and sitting down at the computer.  And then.. the fire alarm goes off and everyone has to exit the building – and no security on campus – and the maintenance who was plowing then asked for me to run to his tractor to get his keys so that he could turn it off while he is on the phone to someone.  Worst part about the whole thing… there was no fire 🙁

Winter so far in Garrett County

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Pics from Garrett County and Canaan Valley, WV.  Pics are from Jan 10-11, Jan 22-24 and then Jan 29-31st.

Random Pics Taken before Turkey Day

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Winter Weather Update

Posted by on 19 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Winter-like

On Monday I went for a run with Joe around 3:30pm on the Herrington Manor to Swallow Falls trail (~10.6mi).  The roads were fine when I got there and the majority of the trail had a good few inches of snow.  When I got back to my car an hour and half later the roads were covered with a good layer of snow.  After the struggle up the first hill, I was able to make it the rest of they way back.

Tuesday brought more snow.  After English and before Intro to Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Adventuresports, I went for my regular run with Joe.  Continue Reading »

Snow in October

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From Monday night to Wednesday it snowed here (10/27-29/08).  Again, this is the most snow fall I have seen in October, let alone in Maryland.  In the afternoon on Thursday most of the snow had melted.

Pictures start on Monday night.  The snow stuck to the road on Tuesday night into Wednesday.  The measurements were taken Thursday around noon, and then the last 3 pictures were taken after class on Thursday right before I left for home (not much snow left at that time).

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I would have to say that this is the first time that I have seen snow in October. predicts snow on and off from now through Wednesday.  The high for the next few days is 34 degrees.  Friday however is supposed to get back up to the mid 50s.

Many people have recommended snow tires for the upcoming months.

These pictures are from today around 8am.


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The winter is coming fast here in Garrett County.  Snow is expected as soon as next week.  The grass is white with frost every morning now.

Here are some early morning frost pictures out the window.