Tues May 25

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When I woke up Steve already started work. I ate breakfast in the lot watching all of the faculty arrive and then went into the library to watch 24 and sit out the dark clouds that were still around.

Drove over to CAOS and got my running shorts out of the dryer and ran the 6.something mile loop. I showered and ate some lunch in the AEC before getting to work on the bikes which Scott and Matt will be using this weekend.

I then drove Scott R. back from dropping his Jeep off to get a list of stuff repaired. We then went on the northern bike ride loop  – out Amish rd to Rt. 40 and then back up Bowman Hill Rd back to Foxtown Rd.

Ride was good – almost got chewed to pieces by 2 dogs, on the way out and on the way back.

Got back and made Pasta with Steve in the AEC and we talked climbing protection and sales, and etc.  Then we both drove over to a less lighted parking lot to spend the night.

Mon May 24

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Woke up at Wally and then drove to McHenry. Walked into the AEC to find stuff everywhere and a bunch of stuff to be washed.  Worked in there all day doing the wash and also pulling stuff for the race. Scott and Mike did a ton of work too which made my life a bit easier. I ordered a Princeton Tec, Aqua Strobe light from Leisure Pro for $22.95 and then spent $13.50 for 2 day shipping. It was a required item for the race and I decided that it would not be bad to own so I bought it instead of having the school buy it. The afternoon went by fast and before I knew it it was 5:30pm. Scott headed out and I wrapped up some stuff – did some sprints in the backyard and then got a shower and did laundry.  Kept on updating the Flyers website to get the score and then listened to the radio online of the game. My wash finished up and I threw everything in the dryer and headed over to Pine Lodge to watch the last period of the game. There was a couple there at the bar watching the game and they were from Philly. The man was also a Boy Scout leader and used to always go to Treasure Island and he never heard of Horseshoe!! Anyway the Flyers hung in to win (as you all know) even though the goal by the Canadians in the 3rd was not helpful.  I then drove over to the faculty lot in the front of the school to sleep and wait for Stephen Kaltwasser to arrive.

Steve arrived and I thought it was early morning but then I woke up to find it was only 11pm. We talked a little bit about his home for the next week – 87 Chevy Truck – and then I fell back to bed.


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The weekend posts are not in order because it took me some time to remember what I did on Saturday. Sunday was easier because it was just yesterday.

Also I now can tell you that it is possible to spend a weekend at a resort for $14. Which included – brand new fitness equipment, showers, pool, hot tub, bathrooms, places to read out of the rain, TVs to watch, and a friendly cleaning guy which I talked to each night.

Sat May 22

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Went on an early morning jog with Erin down Deep Creek Lake Drive and back. Then I paid $7 for a fitness center pass and checked out and used their new fitness machines.

At noon I headed off for another run. The route went like this; across Marsh Hill Rd, up Overlook Pass, down and up Shingle Camp Terrace, down Shingle Camp Rd,down Oakland Sang Run Rd, down and then up and up and up on Hoyes Run Rd, across Sang Run Rd, and then finally back up Marsh Hill Rd.  I drove the route later and it came out to be just under 9 miles.

I did some more working out at the fitness center and relaxed in the pool /hot tub. I was flipping through channels in the afternoon and got to catch the end of the Flyers game. (I thought it was on later, but I found out that it was not)

Spent some more time in the fitness center/pool.

Headed back to the R V 1 that night in the Wisp parking lot.

Sun May 23

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Woke up at 5am to the pounding of rain. Started the morning off pretty late and slow. Ate breakfast in Wisp and did some reading to pass the time. I walked outside at noonish and it was actually sunny. Decided to go on a road bike ride.

Got all of my stuff together and then tried to pump up my tires but something was not working with the pump so I rode it over to Wisp Adventure Center where Clark let be borrow their pump. Talked to him a bit about planning for 24 hour races.  I then went back to the RV 1  (Took out the A and decided that it was only for 1 not 4), got all of my stuff together and left for my ride.

I headed up Overlook to Oakland Sang Run and then took that to Garrett State Forest.  I was a little hesitant going over the bridge but it was no problem. Rode around Herrington Manor SP and then headed toward Oakland.  As soon as I left Herrington it started to drizzle.  Then it down-poured. I could barely see, but I kept going. Made it to Oakland and the rain let up a little bit. I was thinking of going into either Wally or Lowe’s to try to wait out the rain but it stopped right before I got to Wally.  The roads were still drenched but I kept moving to stay somewhat warm. I rode up 219 until Kings Run Rd which I then proceeded on the ride which I did with Scott R on Thursday night. I finally got back to wisp around 5pm and proceeded to eat a bunch of whatever I had in the car. (peanut butter and jelly, crackers, peanut butter cookies, cereal, chef boyardee, etc)

The rest of the evening I relaxed back in the fitness center. At 9:30ish I left there and my stomach was aching for some different food. Drove down to Wally and bought some bananas, apples, strawberries, dried pineapples, and a sip of OJ. Parked in the far corner of the lot to go to bed.

Fri May 21

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Woke up in the lot of Wisp with the sun shining in the car.  I tied my inov-8s on and then went inside to use the restroom before attacking the Face again. Hiked / ran up to ASCI and then around the course and back down Wisp Trail / some mountain bike trails. Then I hiked/ran up the face again.  Workout was good.

Breakfast in the parking lot and then headed to the AEC. Met up with Matt DK there and visited him for a bit. Not too much later Clark drove up with 6 Giant Rincon mountain bikes. All of which were Satin Silver and medium. Throughout the rest of the day I assembled those.  I started outside in the sun but then the last two the sun went on the other side of the building and I brought everything inside.  (I must say that I took my leisurely time assembling the bikes.)

Drove over to Wisp and spent the night there.

Thurs May 20

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Woke up in the fog in the middle of Margroff. Moved my car over the the main parking lot and then ran the 6 mile loop from end to start. Once I cleared all of the cob webs away I hoped on my mt bike and rode the loop.  Took it fairly slow but felt really good.

Ate breakfast there and then headed to the AEC for a shower. Hung out around school for a while, did some reading, and some laundry. Went to the library to look up some stuff for the race next week and then at 4:30 headed back to CAOS to get ready for a road bike ride with Scott R.

Rode a good 36 some miles around the lake. The back roads of Garrett County are just amazing.. no traffic and a beautiful countryside. Amongst all of this I must admit the best part is riding from million dollar house to trailer to multi-million dollar mansion to broken down shack/barn.  Ah.. Garrett.

Got back and showered and cleaned up at AEC and then drove over to Wisp to find a parking spot to sleep.

Wed May 19

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Went on a run. The normal 6.something miler and my time was still about the same. Glad I am not too out of shape.  Worked until 2ish and then went to cash in some coins at the bank – only 6 bucks but better then a bag of coins. Went to the library to catch up on my 24 and wait out the rain. Scott R. and I then went on a 25 mile road bike ride. Felt good with the rain in the beginning of the ride and needed a short ride to get back out there.  When I got back I showered in the staging area and also cooked a bunch of pasta.

After cleaning everything up I went to Margroff to find a place to park the Rav.

Tues May 18

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Woke up full and then worked in the AEC for a few hours. Lunch break included riding in the Patterson Terp mobile and going to China. (well at least the china wok – buffet place)

After work I tried to find some friends that were camping locally but did not have any success. Parked back at the CAOS lot to sleep.

Kinda a boring day  – not too much fun to tell about.

Monday May 17

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Drove up to McHenry in the morning  and then worked at the Adventure Equipment Center – a lot of stuff from those Rock climbing classes and the rafting classes to be put away and cleaned.

Mike signed me up for the Race up the Face over at Wisp so at 4:30 I grabbed a Mountain Hard Wear jacket and a Rail Riders t shirt to do some advertising and headed over to Wisp.  I got ready and kept wondering how to attack that hill. I called around on my contact list trying to find advice from my expert runners, but that was not much help. The race was very low key, the start was communicated to the finish by a cell phone, and there was not a clear finish line. I was also asked to wear a GoPro camera. That will be around the internet sooner or later so everyone can critique my running/hiking.  (I do not know if I came in 3rd or 4th but it does not matter  – officially they gave me the 4th card so I guess my diving finish didn’t make the line.) My PR now for the 400m is about 4:30 plus or minus 10-15 seconds.

After puking up the carrots I had a few hrs earlier on the jog down squirrel cage I went into the Wisp Lodge where there were samples from every restaurant in Garrett County. Enjoyed the next few hrs there walking around and eating. All of the proceeds from the event went to Garrett Trails – hope they had the turnout that they wanted and raised enough money.

I then went to Wisp’s fitness center to work out a little and make good use of the showers. When the maintenance man told me he was shutting it down I had to grab my stuff and get out. I relaxed a bit in the lobby of the hotel and then drove my car up to the CAOS parking lot. I talked to Tom (security) and then conked out.

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